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Why Updating Your Content is Important?

As digital marketing continues to grow, businesses are shifting their focus from implementation to optimization. With more messages sent across multiple platforms, your content needs to stand out and earn attention, even in paid media. Updating your content doesn’t just mean regularly posting on social media platforms or your website but ensuring that your content is ranking for prospective customers to find you. Google ranks content according to how it relates to what users want, so your content should identify key features of what your customers are looking for. If you’re looking to learn better ways to update your content, we’ve put together some important tips for doing so.

Identify User Goals

Whether it be your business social media pages or website, it’s important to understand the inherent goal of visitors to your site, what they want to achieve, and then cater to that goal/aspiration in your content. Instead of just throwing keywords into a post, figure out what users are trying to accomplish, and then give them the answer. This could be in the form of a blog, an informative video, or any form of content you know your users respond to best.

Communicating Through Images

Using videos or photos that complements or extends the communication of the content posted usually gets a better response. Images that contain meaning that matches what the user is trying to accomplish will strengthen the rankings of what your page is all about. The context should illustrate how a given goal is accomplished or reflects the outcome a user is looking for.

So, if the user expects to achieve something specific from using your product or service, then the image should communicate how to achieve that result such as a step by step graphic or how-to video.

Stay on Topic

It’s important not to stray far from the intended topic as you want the focus to drive users to follow you all the way to a Call to Action (CTA) or an affiliate link. You also want to stay on topic as being focused and concise helps the search engine understand what your page is all about so it reaches the intended users.

Repurpose Your Best Content

When you find something that works, capitalize on it. If you’re struggling to make something creative, look back on what’s worked best for you. Take your best performing blog and turn it into a video or infographic, or your best performing topic and find new ways to make it relevant to your audience. Updating and republishing your material website gives you another chance to help people discover it, too. If you had a great piece of content but didn’t get the best response, it’s possible not enough people saw it. Updating your content isn’t always about coming up with new ideas, so if something worked well for you in the past, find a way to repurpose it.

Write up, images or videos diminishes in value over time, which is why updating your old content has many benefits. Being a little more creative and knowing your audience can result in better search rankings, more traffic, social shares, and new customers discovering you.